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The irony of it

About a week ago I was lucky enough to spend four days in Tbilisi Georgia, as a part of an amazing Euroclio project: Innovating History Teaching in the Black Sea region. It was an incredible experience and a brilliant project, aimed at getting history educators from across the region to[…]

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What kind of history do you want?

I have just been lucky enough to have a look at a copy of Diana Laffin’s latest A level History book British Society 1945.  Its part of the Enquiring History series for A level.Quickly thumbing through it I am struck by the clever teaching techniques and the interesting content. It[…]

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A matter of principle

All is quiet. It’s been nearly a month and the government haven’t announced any drastic changes to the school structure, teaching conditions, curriculum or examination system? However, with the half term then Christmas holidays soon to be upon us, there is still plenty of  time for new announcements . To[…]

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Using Tea to teach History


Nearly every history teacher that I have worked with has said that they find teaching about the period 1750 -1900 really quite difficult. In fact when planning a Hampshire network session a few years ago one very successful head of department (now Deputy Head in Dorset) boldly said that we[…]

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