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New National Curriculum, new series of books

Happy New Year to you all!

Things have been quieter on the historyresourcecupboard in the Autumn term. This is because we have been working hard on a new series of books for the 2014 National Curriculum. The we being, me – Richard McFahn, Neil Bates and Alec Fisher. We have tried to take our classroom experience and apply this to textbooks.

The aim of the series is  to take an enquiry based approach whilst painting the big picture of the past, so kids get the best of both worlds.

We have been lucky enough to have worked with the brilliant Ian Dawson. His website shows his approach, as do the many great books he has authored over the years. The series called Making Sense of History has the backing of SHP.

Book 1 will be out in the Spring. For a flavour of what to expect, try the Charterhouse enquiry which has been adapted from the book material.

We have designed the books to run in chronological order . In each time period we  stick to themes  such as power, beliefs, people’s lives.

Book 2 will be led by  the fab John D Clare.  The  historyresourcecupboard team will work alongside John,  with the added support of Richard Kennett,  who teaches in Bristol

For further details see the Hodder website.

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