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Teaching local history

I know we would all love to teach local history. After all, there are fewer ways to make history resonate with your classes than teaching them about the interesting things that happened literally under their feet.

Kids who have looked at some really good local history about their own city, town or village will forever view that particular spot you focused on in a completely different light – a historical one.

But one of the major barriers to stopping us teach local history is access to what cab drivers have:  the knowledge (local of course). Even if we have this, the other big sticking point is getting hold of decent resources quickly and easily. Who really has time to go to the local library or records office and spend hours searching, in hope that we find a gem? Never me, that is for sure.

You think it impossible, yet there are small teams of experts out there just willing you to ask them for help. It is quite incredible.  Don’t believe me? Well I know because through a chance phone call I have a whole digital archive at my fingertips.  And, I’ll bet, if you ask the right questions, you too could find the same thing. In fact carrying on reading and I will show you how to access fab local resources.

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