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Russian Revolution

The joys of reading historical fiction: The Rasputin Dagger

Encouraging pupils to read is hugely important. Getting students reading historical fiction is a great idea as Marc blogged about a wee while back. It will help them develop their sense of period and will allow them to build their knowledge of key events in history. More importantly, though, if[…]

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Russian Revolution easy tarsia


At the time of writing I have been working with a difficult year 9 class. I have just taken them over and they needed to be more engaged as they struggle to listen at the start of a lesson. In my experience this is a come problem for schools that[…]

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At last…decent enquiry based A Level books

If there is one thing that we stand for here at historyresourcecupboard, it is teaching history through enquiry. After all, the word enquiry itself actually means history. It comes from those clever Greek chaps back in the day. The problem with most textbooks, particularly at A Level, is that they[…]

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