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3. What was the story of the Tang Dynasty?

This enquiry is the first in a unit focused on the Tang Dynasty in China.

It offers an overview of the key events, changes and developments that took place during the period 618 to 907.

Students are first introduced to the Tang Dynasty through some of the most famous inventions that were made during the time including gunpowder, time-keeping devices and an early kind of air conditioning.

Next, a short narrative helps them to really understand the magnitude of the changes that were taking place in 7th century China.

Then, they are asked to create a graph indicating the changing ‘story’ of Tang Dynasty China, and to use their graphs to identify evidence that fulfills ‘success’ and ‘failure’ criteria.

Finally, students must imagine themselves as time travelling historians, as they describe some of the major highs and lows of life under the Tang emperors to a Chinese peasant living on the precipice of great political, social and economic change in the year 618. 

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