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Richard McFahn

Richard McFahn - Director, History Resource Cupboard

Richard McFahn, who set up History Resource Cupboard and HistoryHomework.com, has worked for twenty years as a history teacher, Subject and Senior Leader, Advanced Skills Teacher and  LA Adviser. He is now ITE History tutor at the University of Sussex.

As an expert history teacher, he was a founding member of the Hampshire History Steering Group and helped set up and develop a series of thriving and sustainable networks, which Ofsted have subsequently described as best practice.

He has regularly led hugely successful training in all aspects of history teaching.  He has held regular and well-received workshops at the Schools History Project and the Historical Association Conferences.

Richard has written a number of books including:

He has worked as a consultant for the Armenian government providing advice on their National Curriculum for History and Social Studies. He also regularly consults for BBC Bitesize

Richard has an MA in Education now spends his time teaching at Sussex,  working on www.historyresourcecupboard.com, www.historyhomework.com  and as a freelance consultant.