History Resource Cupboard – lessons and resources for schools

History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

Writers and Contributors

Elena Stevens

Elena Stevens is an outstanding teacher and has taught at St Philip Howard School in West Sussex since 2017, having completed her School Direct training through the University of Sussex.

Previously, she completed a PhD in History at the University of Southampton. Her thesis focused on popular entertainment in the long nineteenth century. During her this time she carried out archival research at Harvard University.

Elena is a big advocate of teaching history through unconventional perspectives and has planned schemes of work examining Tsarist Russia, the Industrial Revolution and the Kingdom of Benin focusing on the lives and experiences of ordinary people.  She wants to show students that history is a construct and that historians are at the centre of the discipline.

Elena has been the driving force behind creating History Resource Cupboard’s KS3 coherent curriculum. She has also created content of www.historyhomework.com and developed KS2 schemes of work in collaboration with primary school teachers in Hampshire.