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What would you include in a gallery caption for a German Nationalist Party Leaflet?

Nazi election posterThis excellent enquiry helps your GCSE students overcome that seemingly eternal problem – how to get them to successfully unlock the message of a visual source?

This lesson is totally learner focused and allows your students to clearly see the secrets of exam success in a fun and engaging way.

The enquiry whets the appetite from the start. Can your class use their historical skills to explain the message of an election leaflet… written in German?!

This task helps show just how useful history is – it makes your kids smart enough not to have to always understand a foreign language to work out the meaning of political leaflets, posters and other forms of advertising.

Without knowledge your students will tentatively speculate what the different important aspects of the image might suggest. Next they are armed with newly acquired historical knowledge and are asked to apply this to help make meaning of the striking image on the leaflet. Were their initial ideas correct?

They work out what the message of the cartoon is, who made it and why and then attempt to suggest what the German writing actually means.

Finally, to get your kids away from answer one damn exam question after another, the end task is to get them to write a caption for gallery displaying this image – what should they include? Can they write their caption in a short, succinct and informative way?


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