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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

What was Germany like in 1918: Can you produce an audio guide for a famous cartoon?

raemakerThis enquiry gets your students to work out for themselves the date, content, origin and purpose of a visual source – skills that we value highly. The meaningful focus of expert audio guide producer is designed to motivate.

 First your students will be asked to raise lots of questions about a strange and interesting visual image. After establishing that their job is to create an audio guide for this cartoon, they will be armed with the knowledge they need. But how will they sort out this new information? Which parts of the image does the different new information refer to?

At this point your kids will be ready to work out why the source was produced and they should be able to date it too!

 Finally they produce their audio guide. If you need them to answer an exam question, there is one provided too!


Download includes:

Lesson presentation: PowerPoint

Lesson write up: PDF

Resource 1: PDF

Worksheet 1: PDF

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