History Resource Cupboard – lessons and resources for schools

History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

Useful links

www.history.org.uk – The HA is ‘the voice for history’ This excellent site is great for resources, E-CPD and articles from the great journal that is Teaching History.

www.thinkinghistory.co.uk – Excellent advice and practical examples from a master in the field of historical education

www.schoolshistoryproject.org.uk – Home of the six principles of which we are firm advocates.

www.schoolhistory.co.uk  – Great forums which cover a whole range of history teaching issues.

www.keystagehistory.co.uk – Your very own on-line advisor. Covers everything you need to know for leading and teaching History for Key Stage 1 through 5. Well worth the subscription fee.

http://www.timemaps.com/ – This award winning website is a real gem. It shows the big sweep of history and gives a really clear worldwide view of what was going on across the world from 3500BC . Fantastic timelines.

http://www.hoddereducation.co.uk/Schools/ – The Hodder history nest is a great place to read blogs, download free resources and keep up to date with all things history.

http://dynamic-learning.co.uk/  The Hodder Dynamic Learning site will help you create great lessons

www.activehistory.co.uk – A subscription site which offers a wide range of web based simulations and lesson ideas.

www.johndclare.net – A good stopping off point for GCSE revision material.

www.blackhistory4schools.com – Does what it says on the tin, a good place for informative articles on the teaching of Black History.

www.teachprimary.com – All kinds of articles and advice relating to primary teaching.

http://madefromhistory.com – Good for quirky modern history facts, images and timelines.

http://teachinghistory100.org/ –  Website designed to help teachers teach with The History of the World through 100 Objects.

http://www.historysimulation.com/ – American history teaching website with lots of lesson ideas on it.

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