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OCR GCSE question type book-marks

Do your students struggle to know exactly how to answer each of the very different questions posed on the OCR Modern World exam?  We do! That is why we have designed these neat book-marks. We often forget that students have between 8-12 GCSEs to study. Each one asks them to[…]

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The Proposed History National Curriculum – where are we now?

You have got to love Simon Schama.  Not only does he spin a great historical yarn, he is also clearly on the side of history teachers. “Insulting and offensive”, “pedantic and utopian” and a “ridiculous shopping list” of topics, are just a few of the terms he used at the Hay[…]

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A matter of principle

All is quiet. It’s been nearly a month and the government haven’t announced any drastic changes to the school structure, teaching conditions, curriculum or examination system? However, with the half term then Christmas holidays soon to be upon us, there is still plenty of  time for new announcements . To[…]

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O Levels: ‘Just a distratction from the omnishambles’?

I nearly crashed the car this morning when I heard the news that Mr Gove has plans to re-introduce o level style exams.  After I had re gained control of the wheel I checked the date. To my surprise it wasn’t April 1st. Let’s be clear. GCSE history  is not[…]

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