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Year 7 Diverse Overview Lessons package

You can download all lesson enquiries in this really engaging and interesting alternative overview  unit below.

This unit introduces you to the concept of the Middle Ages, the clash of cultures between Christian and Islamic Beliefs and it looks  challenge misconceptions about how much people moved in this period.

Your download includes PowerPoints resources, the introductory task, the assessment tasks and the tarsia in this handy package.

Here is list with links of what you get!

  1.  Introduction task: What was the big story of the Medieval Period?
  2.  Year 7 Diverse Curriculum Overview Knowledge Organiser.
  3.  Was Leonardo Bruni right about the ‘ignorant and barbaric’ Middle Ages?
  4.  Was there a clash of civilisations in medieval Europe?
  5. How much movement was there in medieval Europe?
  6.  What did medieval Europeans know of the wider world?
  7.  How powerful was the Hansa League?
  8.  The Black Death or the Little Ice Age: Which had the biggest impact?
  9.  Year 7 Diverse Curriculum Overview Tarsia
  10.  Year 7 Diverse Overview Knowledge Test
  11.  Year 7 Diverse Curriculum Overview Written Assessment

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