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Whitechapel c1870-c1900 for Edexcel 9-1 GCSE

Give your students the best chance of exam success with this engaging set of lessons covering crime, policing and inner city poverty in late Victorian London.

The Edexcel Environmental Unit develops source analyis, and encourages your students to think historically, while covering all the required content and teaching the skills necessary for success.

Experienced history teachers have put together the compelling lessons and accompanying comprehensive resources. Through the course, they help your students piece together what life was like in Whitechapel during the infamous Jack the Ripper investigation. How could Jack the Ripper literally get away with murder in the East End?

All the lessons have been tried and tested in real classroom conditions.

Downloading the Lesson Saver Package gives you the course in its entirety – replacing the need for a textbook. Lessons can be taught as they are, or are flexible enough to be adapted to your own class’ needs.

Raise attainment among your students and save yourself hours of planning time in the process.


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  • 7 Key enquiries
  • Written to Edexcel 9-1 2016 GCSE Specification
  • Includes lesson presentations, digital resources and guidance for teachers
  • All tried and tested in classrooms
  • Guides students through all assessment criteria
  • Great value – save 10% on individual lesson downloads

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In the Whitechapel unit you and your class meet real people living in the East End of London in the late 19th Century – the use of the personal story is a powerful tool which helps bring history to life.

The tragic life of Polly Nicholls is used to introduce the topic.

You will hear from New York Police Chief Thomas Brynes, who described the Met as ‘stupid’. Was he correct?

You will evaluate two Met Police Commanders careers: Charles Warren and Sir Edmund Henderson and decide who did the best job at the top.

Using a particular place as the focus of a lesson is also motivating to students as it makes history feel real. This is what the Whitechapel unit should be all about.

Your students will visit the East End of London via engaging source material to establish how living conditions in the 1880s may have helped the infamous Jack the Ripper to have committed murder.

Most of the enquiries conclude with a worthwhile and significant outcome. This end product pulls the learning together and allows students to join up their thinking.

The Course Guide has more advice on how to get the best out of this Edexcel unit and how to use it to inspire your classes and raise attainment.

History Resource Cupboard


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