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What was the farming year like for ordinary people?

Peasant yearThis lesson allows your students to learn about the farming year whilst playing a board game.

The idea here is simple, your students are introduced to a medieval village and farming.

They then play the board game in teams of 3 or 4.

There are 6 rounds from ‘giving out the land’, to ‘storing the grain’. Each one covers an aspect of the farming year and it involves either gaining or losing baskets of grain.

Each student rolls the dice in turn, lands on one of the 6 squares and records what has happened to them on the  the clearly designed worksheet.

Here is round 1.

If they are to survive they need to harvest and store enough baskets of grain for the winter. Will they manage it?

The lesson is a simplification of the farming year. However, having introduced this game to hundreds and hundreds of year 7 students we know how it makes learning fun and engaging. You should try it.

It fits neatly into the unit on Ordinary lives and knowledge gleaned here is covered in the Ordinary Lives Knowledge Organiser.

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