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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

Super Power Relations and the Cold War for Edexcel 9-1 GCSE

Teach stimulating GSCE lessons that will help raise attainment for the Edexcel 9-1 Period Study – Superpower Relations and the Cold War. 

The lessons encourage your classes to see the unfolding narrative of different key events that shaped the latter half of the 20th Century.

All the content of the Edexcel Period Study specification is covered, while students are engaged and motivated throughout.

All the lessons and accompanying comprehensive resources have been tried and tested in genuine classroom conditions, having being written by experienced history teachers.

Downloading the Cold War GCSE Lesson Saver Package gives you the course in its entirety – replacing the need for a textbook and saving you hours of planning time. Lessons can be taught as they are, or are flexible enough to be adapted to your own class’ needs.

Give your students the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Cold War

Download Lesson Saver Package – Edexcel

  • 23 Key enquiries
  • Written to Edexcel 9-1 2016 GCSE Specification
  • Includes lesson presentations, digital resources and guidance for teachers
  • All tried and tested in classrooms
  • Guides students through all assessment criteria
  • Great value – save 25% on individual lesson downloads

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Each enquiry provides access and challenge to all students across the ability range.

The lessons encourage your classes to see the unfolding narrative of different events. They also encourage your students to think historically by building on best practice in the teaching of a number of the second order concepts. The focus is particularly on consequence, significance and analytical narrative.

The intention is to make history meaningful by focusing enquiries around personal stories, particular places or puzzles and problems to be solved.  Early in the course the focus is on music – How much can the song, Stalin wasn’t stalling reveal to us about who really won WW2? and Was  OMD’s 1980 hit Enola Gay right about the dropping of the A bomb?

Once the engaging start has hooked students in, the carefully planned sequence of steps are used to gather the evidence needed to answer the big question.

Nearly every enquiry concludes with a worthwhile and significant outcome. This end product pulls the learning together and allows students to join up their thinking.

Images, sorting activities, mysteries and Venn diagrams are used to ensure that work is accessible and challenging to all.

Modelling is key to success. The intention is to ensure that the students know the secrets of success and can see what this looks like.

The end products / assessment opportunities allow your students to show you how well they are doing. How well have they grasped the key concepts? How accurate is their deployment of the substantive knowledge they use to support their arguments?

The Course Guide has more advice on how to get the best out of this Edexcel unit and how to use it to inspire your classes and raise attainment.

History Resource Cupboard


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