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9. Should we think of William as the first ‘chivalrous’ king of England?

This lesson is all about interpretations – and it offers a different way of looking at this period of history.

It doesn’t focus on battles and rebellions but on character and personality.

Students are presented with historian Marc Morris’ interpretation of William, which suggests that William ought to be considered the first ‘chivalrous’ king of England.

They are then tasked with supporting or challenging this interpretation, using evidence from a range of clues.

A radar graph helps them record their findings, and there is an opportunity for them to consider the trustworthiness of a range of contemporary sources, too.

Finally, students must decide how accurate Morris’ interpretation is, using the impression they have gained of William and his character to design the front cover for a new history book aimed at 5-11 year olds.

This is a lesson rich in history and historical skills – and packed with engaging activities, too. 

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