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Migration 37: What was the story of migrants’ experiences in Bristol in the 20th century?

This enquiry examines one of the ‘case studies’ outlined on the specification: namely, ‘Bristol in the mid-twentieth century: the experiences of migrants and their impact on society’.

The lesson first facilitates discussion of the infamous events surrounding the removal of Edward Colston’s statue before students are given the chance to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of migrants in Bristol in the 20th century.

Judging the extent to which migrants in Bristol were accepted/integrated helps to consolidate students’ understanding of change and continuity over time.

Finally, students are tasked with imagining what the walls of Bristol would say about the history of migration, if they were able to talk!

This serves as an engaging way of rounding off the enquiry, and encouraging students to articulate the ‘story’ of migration to Bristol.

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