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What kind of Church did Elizabeth choose in 1559?

Religious see-sawThis clever and quirky enquiry takes a lot of quite complex and potentially dry material on religion and makes it pop.  The accompanying audio reconstructions help bring the whole thing to life, giving a voice to the different religious groups in Elizabethan society.

You will  make use of paintings to introduce the importance of religion and to test your students understanding of the doctrinal differences between Catholics, Protestants and puritans.

As well as outlining the religious differences in Elizabethan England, the enquiry also highlights the febrile atmosphere in which Elizabeth had to arrive at a Religious Settlement. Students recommend a course of action before discovering what Elizabeth actually settled on.

You  will focus on activities that cut down on the amount of writing needed while ensuring students still process and record the essential information needed for revision.  This gives your students more time for deeper thinking.

They end by critiquing then re-designing an educational diagram to show how far Elizabeth took the ‘middle-

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