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Is Wat Tyler significant enough to have a park named after him?

Death of Wat TylerIs Wat Tyler significant enough to have the local park named after him?

Assess the significance of one of England’s most famous medieval protest leaders in a meaningful and active way. This thoughtful lesson gives you a built in manageable, assessment opportunity which pin-points exactly where your kids are at in their historical thinking.

It is best placed to teach this  after you have covered the build up to, and the events of The Peasants Revolt. Your class could do with some contextual knowledge surrounding this event. They should know what the peasants were angry about, who Wat Tyler was and what actually happened…

This  enquiry takes real examples of places which have been named after Wat Tyler.  Ask your class if their local park deserves to be renamed after him too?

They will explore what types of criteria they will need to assess someone’s significance, evaluate information surrounding Tyler’s legacy and decide whether or not he had local ‘impact’.They will then use all of the knowledge they have gained to work alone to answer the assessed question.

A mark-scheme for this can be downloaded here for free.

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