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Migration 17: How did the slave trade impact on migration to England in the early modern period?

This enquiry introduces students to a migrant group that will figure significantly in the third key question of the‘Migrants in Britain’ course: namely, African migrants (often those who were enslaved or formerly enslaved).

It introduces this group via a petition written by a Portuguese merchant called Hector Nunes, who complained in 1587 that he was unable to force his African servant to work for him.

Students reflect on what we can learn from this kind of source about attitudes towards African migrants at the time, before going on to consider arrange of evidence about the reasons for Africans’ migration to England during the early modern period, and their experiences upon arriving in England.

The enquiry offers the chance for students to complete some important source analysis work. It ends with students having the chance to apply their new knowledge to a 4-mark exam question response.

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