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How to get the best out of the Edexcel British Depth Study: Early Elizabethan England

Elizabeth Armada portraitLots of thinking has gone into planning and resourcing the Edexcel British Depth Study Early Elizabethan England.

The rationale behind this comes straight from successful classroom practice.

The entire course has been structured around 10 core principles designed to support learning.

The Early Elizabethan SOW with fully resourced lesson enquiries has been created to increase engagement and motivation. All Resource Cupboard Members  can download the SOW at the bottom of this page. It has been structured to make long, medium and short term planning easier.

Each enquiry provides access and challenge to all students across the ability range. The lessons encourage reading, and encourage your students to think historically by building on best practice in the teaching of a number of the second order concepts. The SOW also makes assessment workable and useful too.

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