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4. How predictable was the rise of William of Normandy?

This lesson aims to remove the benefit of hindsight, taking students back to 1066.

You will get them to consider whether it was either inevitable (or even likely) that William, Duke of Normandy would seize the throne from Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings.

It helps students develop their understanding of the early lives of these key individuals.

It also encourages them to reflect, perhaps, on Harold Godwinson’s position of superior strength and authority in the months and years leading up to 1066.

Students create graphs to indicate the highs and lows in both Harold’s and William’s early lives, before reflecting on which of the two men was best prepared to rule England; faced the fewest challenges; and seemed ‘born to rule’.

Finally, students travel back in time to 1066, writing letters to warn William of the threat posed by Harold Godwinson – and offering some reassurance, perhaps, that William’s time would come! 

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