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3. What do contemporary sources tell us about Edward the Confessor’s reign?

This lesson is the first in a sequence of ten focusing on the events of 1066 and beyond.

It explores the reign of Edward the Confessor from the vantage point of contemporary sources.

You will introduce your students to important source skills whilst serving to ‘set the scene’ for the remaining lessons in the unit.

Students first study the images of Edward the Confessor that featured in the Domesday Abbreviato, a valuable source for finding out about contemporary perceptions of Edward.

There is further opportunity to find out what writers from the time thought of Edward.

Students  are encouraged to reflect throughout the lesson on the extent to which Edward was portrayed as a popular king; a religious man; and a successful ruler.

A final, creative end task see students draw Edward as contemporary sources imagined him to be – challenging them to include symbols and image to portray as many aspects of his personality as they can.

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