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Why were Daniel Chater and William Galley beaten, stoned and murdered in 1748?

This enquiry starts with the gruesome, bloody murder of two men from Southampton.

Daniel Chater and William Galley  were beaten and stoned to death in 1748.

Students are tasked with suggesting why such a murder might have taken place?  What had Chater and Galley done to upset their murderers so much?

Then, a classic drip-feed enquiry approach is taken, as students refine their hypotheses with the help of clues.

By the end of the enquiry, students should have worked out that Chater and Galley were involved in trying to prevent the crime of smuggling from taking place – and the enquiry offers a great ‘way in’ to discussing the prevalence of this ‘social crime’ in the 18th century.

Finally, students respond to the enquiry question, armed with a range of evidence to help them compose detailed and thoughtful answers.

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