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Do you agree with the memoir of a young German living in 1923?

HyperinflationThis thoughtful enquiry confronts your students with a young man’s view about the significance of 1923 – what did he mean? Can they use a selection of sources to work out why ’23 was so bad? Do they agree with the memoir?

First they raise questions about Sebastian HAffner’s view of 1923 and how it affected many German people. Haffner stated that in 1923, ‘an entire generation of Germans had a spiritual organ removed…’

After looking at what he actually might have meant and who he was, they go on to establish what happened in this eventful year. They do this by looking at four images showing a famous treaty, and three events of the year.

They use a selection of evidence to work out what event each picture is about. They then link them before returning to Haffner’s quote. Do they agree with him ?

This is real high quality, thoughtful work. Read a review of how this lesson went for one teacher.

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