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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

Why did Hitler become Chancellor in January 1933?

HitlerThis engaging enquiry unlocks the secrets of GCSE success for your students. It shows them how to recall important reasons, helps them to sort, classify and prioritise information before explicitly modelling excellent explanatory writing.

The students are actively involved all of the way through. Initially the class raises questions, they then sort and group evidence. The lesson then helps them remember lots of information using an easy to recollect acronym.

They go on to sort the information under new headings and are then asked to prioritise the most important reason. Next they are introduced to a student’s answer to an exam question – but how good is it?

Using success criteria they suggest ways the answer could be improved. They then explicitly see what good explanation looks like before writing their own improved answer.


Lesson includes:

  1. Why Hitler? presentation (PDF)
  2. Enquiry Write-up (PDF)
  3. Resource Sheet 1 – cards (PDF)
  4. Resource Sheet 2 – sorting grids (PDF)
  5. Resource Sheet 3 – student exam answer (PDF)

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