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Was Emily Davison a Martyr?

Emily DUsing evidence from the scene your students come to their own conclusions as to why Davison died. Do different people’s views change their mind? What happens when they consider their origin and purpose? This engaging approach takes your students thinking to the higher level.

This ‘mystery’ will really engage your students and enliven your Key Stage 3 or GCSE teaching. Using reconstructed evidence your students will consider whether items found on Davison at the Derby suggest she meant to die for the Suffragette cause, or if she made a mistake.

When they have come to a conclusion you introduce two contrasting views from people close to Emily. Why do they differ? Next more background on Davison’s Suffragette past is revealed: does this change their mind?

They consider the Content, Origin and Purpose of some new evidence before ultimately deciding.  The new evidence makes for a simple and effective assessment opportunity.


Download includes:

  • Enquiry presentation (PDF)
  • Enquiry write up (PDF)
  • Resource 1: Reconstructed sources (PDF)
  • Worksheet 1 (PDF)
  • Resource 2: Background information (PDF)
  • Resource 3: Sources for assessment opportunity (PDF)

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