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Triumph of the Will: Can you beat the online expert?

towThis innovative enquiry gets students to acquire vital GCSE skills in an active manner. They compete in teams to spot subtle forms of propaganda. Can they use this new knowledge to challenge an online expert?

Working in groups teams have to spot as many different aspects of propaganda that they see. Can they get more than their opponents? It’s a race against time.

Next they classify the information they have gathered. They are finally confronted by an on-line essayist who is convinced that Triumph of the Will was a documentary. Can they use all that they have learnt to prove him wrong?

This brilliant activity was conceived by Neil Thompson. We have developed into a tried and tested  enquiry. For more of Neil’s work, visit his treasure trove of a website.


  •  Identify different types of propaganda from a film
  •  Explain how a film uses propaganda techniques
  • Classify and group information
  •  Argue convincingly to prove an on-line expert’s interpretation wrong

Download includes:

  • Lesson presentation with hyperlinks to the film on line (PDF)
  • Lesson  step by step ‘write up’ (PDF)


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