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The League of Nations Decision Making Activity

League imageThe League of Nations is one of those areas of the Modern World GCSE syllabus that many teachers approach with a sense of dread and which students tend to suffer through on their way to studying WWII.

This simulation activity serves as a kinaesthetic introduction, overview and point of reference. It aims to give students an introduction to the problems facing the League of Nations by requiring them to grapple with many of the issues faced by that organisation.

It is best run as a team based activity. I have found that the most discussion is generated by having students work in teams of three.

This is an excellent introduction to the topic of the League of Nations. It serves to deepen students’ appreciation of the problems facing the League of Nations and helps to contextualise some of the problems and complex issues facing the League.


The download includes:

League presentation(PDF)

League write up (PDF)

Resource 1 (PDF)

Resource 2 (PDF)

Resource 3 (PDF)

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