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How would you have coped at The Yalta Conference? Role-Play

800px-Yalta_Conference_(Churchill,_Roosevelt,_Stalin)_(B&W)Put your students in role and get them to negotiate from their allotted country’s perspective. This highly engaging role play  will  give  your students an over-view of the decisions facing the leaders at the Yalta Conference.

The lesson will allow students to develop a sense of the pressures on the leaders as well as allowing them to sharpen their discussion skills through collaborative learning.

After an engaging start your students are given the background to the Conference, then they are assigned countries to represent. Can they argue and negotiate to get the best deal for their people?

Having gone through a number of decisions and worked out what happened at their own Yalta, the lesson ends by showing them the true outcome and gets them to speculate on which of the decisions made at Yalta would have been most likely to sow discord for the future.


Download includes:

  • Lesson presentation – Power Point
  • Lesson write up – PDF
  • R1, role cards – PDF
  • W.S1, Grid – PDF

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