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Who was the biggest threat to the Weimar Republic 1919-23?

Violence picThis enquiry shows your students the value of history as a commodity. Acting as historical adviser to a film producer, exactly how should programme about threats to Weimar 19-23 be structured? Deep thinking in a meaningful way.

After hooking them in with a slow reveal of an interesting photograph from 1919, your class will soon see that Weimar Germany was a dangerous place to be in the early 1920s. But which side were the biggest threat to the government?

Their job is to act as an historical adviser to a documentary maker. The producer is making a film about this interesting phase in Weimar’s short history. But how much time should she devote to each of the four main uprisings? Should it be equal or does one event deserve more time than the others?

Your kids will research then present their proposals.

They can then make a one minute trailer?

You could easily turn this into an ICT based activity by loading the word documents on the your school network.


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