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Was Nazi Germany really a paradise like an ex-Nazi described it?

Nazi_Party_LogoThis enquiry starts with an almost unbelievable quote – an ex-Nazi was asked to describe what Germany was like under Hitler, he described it as ‘paradise’.  Eh? Confusing!

The students go on to investigate what the Nazis wanted to achieve and how. They group and classify information, then are shown how to summarise it – highly valued skills. Next they listen to different types of people who were alive in the 1930s.  Would the worker, the woman doctor, the Jewish student, the young lad all agree with the ex Nazi?

Where does your class think these individuals stand on the paradise – hell debate? Was Germany really a paradise for different people? This lesson provides a great overview of Nazi aims too.


Download includes:

  • Presentation: PowerPoint
  •  Lesson write up: PDF
  • Resources 1-2: PDF (cards and Venn Diagram)
  • W/S 1-2: PDF (recording sheet and people descriptions)

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