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Munich Putsch: Success or Failure?

MPThis active enquiry requires your students to compete against each other whilst they gather then classify different information. Can they beat their rivals? Then they  evaluate the short and long term successes of the Putsch.

Starting with an oblique image, can your kids work out for what purpose this Nazi building was erected?

They go on to compete to gather information to decide whether the Munich Putsch was a success or not? Engaging short film clips are used to help them gather the information they need. This is supplemented with well-chosen secondary source material.

At this point they have a better idea about the honour temples they started looking at.

They then grade a student’s exam answer before going on to improve it.


Download includes:

  • Lesson presentation: PowerPoint
  • Lesson write up: PDF
  • Resource 1: PDF
  • Resource 2: PDF
  • Resource 3: PDF

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