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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

How would you rate the film posted on YouTube on Gustav Stresemann, Entitled, ‘Towards Prosperity and Hope’?

StresemannArm you students with the knowledge to critically analyse a ‘revision film’ about Gustav Stresemann. What rating will they give it?

The starting point for this outstanding enquiry is the famous magazine showing: ‘The Saviour Stresemann’ who is depicted guiding the child ‘Weimar’. Can your kids unlock its message?

Next they compete in teams to work out what a short film clips says are Stresemanns main achievements.

Does the film clip give both sides of the argument? You then arm your them with more information which helps them work out the different important areas to consider. They then make a more balanced judgement and review the film clip again.

The engaging end product is for them to write a comment on YouTube – or answer the exam question: Why did Germany recover after 1924? Explain your answer


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