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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

How would you rate Anthony Lentin’s description of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?

ToVRich in discussion, this enquiry arms your students with key knowledge about the Treaty of Versailles and asks them to evaluate an historian’s description. Can they do better in terms of substance and style?

They will be hooked in by working out where and when a short film was shot – why was everyone so happy? They will then find the key players at Versailles in a famous painting.

Two further film clips will help them establish which leader wanted what and whether they all got what they aimed for.

You will help them work out how fair the Treaty was to the Germans before they critically evaluate a recent description of Versailles by Anthony Lentin. What do they think? Can they do better?


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Lesson presentation: PowerPoint

Lesson write up: PDF

Resource 1: PDF

Resource 2 (Big cards) PDF

Worksheet 1: PDF

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History Resource Cupboard


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