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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

How would you design a Weimar election poster from 1924?

pictHelp your students realise the potential of knowledge and think creatively. Can they unlock the messages of this election poster depicting the problems had faced by 1924? Could they improve the design?

This enquiry acts a summative review of the course up to this point. How much can they remember about the issues Weimar had had up to the end of 1923?

Next, they look closely at an election propaganda poster and use their knowledge to unlock its meaning and work out who made it and why? But how good is it? Could they do better?

The engaging end task is for them to create a better poster – or they could apply the skills they have learnt to a new source and answer the classic exam question: How useful is this source to an historian studying the Weimar period?


Download includes:

  • Lesson Presentation: PowerPoint
  • Lesson write-up: PDF
  • Resource 1 – annotating sheet: PDF

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