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Which historian is correct about the Gestapo?

gestapo symbolThis fascinating enquiry helps dispel the myth that the Gestapo were everywhere, spying on everyone. It looks at the quote from the historian Jacque DeLaRue, who suggests that the Nazi secret police were omnipresent, and the view of the documentary maker, Laurence Rees who thinks that the Gestapo were not. Who is correct?

Your students handle lots of clues to help them decide. Where do the clues go on a  spectrum?

They then select evidence to prove which historian they think is right. But does the information prove that the other historian is wrong?  They finish by using clinching evidence to explain how far they think the DeLaRue quote is wrong or misleading.

This tried and tested approach really makes your students think, and it works!


Download includes:

  • Presentation: PowerPoint
  • Lesson write up: PDF
  • Resources 1-2: PDF (clues and spectrum)

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