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Who were the winner and the losers in France in the 1780s?

ESpic1This is the first part in a series of lessons on the causes of the Revolution in France. It is kinaesthetic, develops deep thinking and gets across the unfairness of the Estate System.

You pupils will be given a character from France in the 1780s. Where will they place it on the social structure based on 21st century view? After dripping in some new information in the form of ‘evidence flashes’ they soon work out that things were very different and quite unfair for different people in the 1700s in France.

They finish off by proving their understanding by annotating a political cartoon from the period.

This tried and tested lesson works every time! This should be taught as part of our French Revolution causation package.


Download includes:

  • Lesson presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Lesson write up (PDF)
  • Resource 1 -character cards (PDF)
  • Worksheet 1 (PDF)

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