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French Revolution causation package

frWe love teaching the French Revolution!  To help you engage, motivate and stretch 11-14 year olds why not take the work out of this topic by downloading our tried and tested French Revolution causation package. This includes 4 great lesson enquiries and an assessment.

We have developed these lessons over many years. Constant review and improvement has taken place and we are now really happy with the sequence. The kids love em! Each one works in its own right as an engaging and motivating lesson.  They also link together to explain why the French had a Revolution in 1789.

We have developed  an unseen assessment and mark-scheme which works every time. This will give you an insight into how well your kids are progressing in their thinking about causation.

We hope you enjoy teaching them as much as we have.

Price: £45.99

The package includes the following:

  1. What and when was the French Revolution: overview
  2. Who were the winners and losers in the Estates System
  3. Why couldn’t France get out of debt?
  4. Did Louis live up to his portrait?
  5. Pulling it all together?
  6. Mark-scheme and pupil responses

All of these lessons can be viewed individually in the rest of this section on the French Revolution.

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