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Was Letitia Bunting right to walk out of Zulu? (How accurate is the film Zulu?)

ZThe film Zulu is an often repeated classic. When it was released in 1964 Letitia Bunting, daughter of Private Hook, walked out of the premier in disgust. Why? Her father is shown in a negative light. But did he deserve it?

Your pupils will decide whether Letitia was right to leave. In doing this they consider just  how accurate the film Zulu really is. They use their skills as historians to cross-reference the film with available evidence. They will do lots of high level thinking, lots of moving of information and a minimum of writing.  They will also examine the possible reasons behind some of these inaccuracies. This makes great interpretations work. Your pupils will see how and why interpretations are constructed.

You can use the lessons as standalone or as part of a unit on Empire.

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  • Lesson write-up (PDF)
  • Resource 1 (PDF)
  • Resource 2 (PDF)
  • Worksheet 1(PDF)

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