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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

Should the price of alcohol be increased: What lessons can we learn from the 1700s?

This engaging enquiry shows your class the  value of history: can you students use the infamous Gin Laws to advise the present day Scottish government t. Does booze legislation actually work?

Can your class use the past to advise present governments? Your students will establish what the problems are with drinking today, look to the ugly issue of gin drinking in the 1700s using Hogarth’s classic print, and compare to see if the issues then are the same as now.

They will go on to evaluate  how successful the  different ‘Gin Acts’ were before reporting back to the political masters.Do  they think increasing the price of alcohol will have the desired effect?

This enquiry can be used as part of the tea scheme of work or as a stand alone lesson.


Download includes:

  • Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Lesson guide (PDF)
  • Resource 1 (PDF)
  • Resource 2 (PDF)
  • Resource 3 (PDF)
  • Worksheet 1 (PDF)

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History Resource Cupboard


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