History Resource Cupboard – lessons and resources for schools

History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

How much can tea reveal to us about Britain’s past?

   teaDownload  an entire coherent and meaningful Scheme of Work. Using tea as a focus there are 5 fully resourced  interlinking enquiries which will keep your classes engaged and motivated. 

The download includes an article explaining the approach and the rationale,  lesson presentations, lesson guides, all the resources and an unsupported assessment task with a mark-scheme.

Here are the lessons included in the download:

1. How much can an ordinary tea set reveal to us about Britain’s history?

2. Should the price of alcohol be increased? What can we learn from the 1700s?

3. Does Richard Arkwright deserve his place in the National Portrait Gallery?

4. Could you prosecute Captain Collingwood of the slave ship Zong?

5. From kowtow to kapow! What caused Britain’s war with China?

6. Design your historical tea cosy

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Alternatively you can download them individually from the lesson pages.

History Resource Cupboard


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