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French Revolution – 10 enquiry package

french_revolutionTake the stress out of planning with this fantastic 10 enquiry French Revolution course. We have spent years teaching and refining these lessons. Each one is a great lesson in its own right. It covers the causes of the revolution, up until the end of the Terror.

This coherent course gives you a built in unseen assessment on the causes of the revolution. We also focus on some of the key personalities of this period. And it uses plenty of art and imagery from the time.

Your students will be asked if Louis XVI lived up to his portrait? They will think about the inevitability of his execution. They will study David’s brilliant depiction of  Marat’s murder scene, unlock its messages and then decide if it really is ‘a beautiful, awful lie’? They will work out why a plaque on Robespierre’s house in Marat had to raised above reachable level…

The focus of this unit is on causation, enquiry, significance and evidential work. Each enquiry has been planned to deepen your classes thinking and to help them make progress.

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