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Germany 1918-45 – 27 lesson enquiry package

viProven to raise standards, why not save yourself time and money and teach outstanding GCSE lessons?

Download our entire coherent Germany 1918-45 package.  This course completely replaces the need for a textbook.

It is fully resourced and includes 27 key enquiries designed to inspire and challenge your GCSE classes. This tried and tested, well thought approach gives you all the resources you need to teach this entire course  at your fingertips.

Let’s make GCSE lessons, less ‘death by exam question’. Instead these lessons develop high levels of engagement,  show your students the value of history as a commodity, promote active learning throughout and develop higher order thinking skills.

Enquiries end with engaging end tasks: writing to web-sites to advise them to change their content, planning documentary films, analysing film clips…

If your school is obsessed with exam answers, we have also built into each enquiry a potential exam question end. The choice of exam foci is well balanced and will show your classes what they do to answer certain key questions.

To download the course overview with enquiry questions, potential timings,end products and potential exam questions simply click on the free download here:

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Download the entire package and save over £30 on the normal price of downloading the lessons individually.

Course price: £225.99 and you get other exclusive downloads only included in this package.
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The package includes the following enquiries:

  • Overview: Was Hitler always destined to rule?
  • What was Germany like in 1918? Cartoon analysis
  • Stabbed in the back: unlock the message of the election leaflet
  • How would you rate an historian’s account of the Treaty of Versailles?
  • What would you include in a documentary entitled Germany 1919-23: threats to power?
  • Do you agree with a young German’s memoir about 1923?
  • How would you design a pro Weimar election poster to show Weimar 1918-23? Summation lesson
  • How would you rate the YouTube film summarising Stresemann’s achievements?
  • What did the Nazis stand for? Who joined the Nazi Party?
  • How far was the Munich Putsch a success?
  • Did the A level website get it write about the Munich Putsch?
  • How far did the Nazis change tactics after 1924?
  • Why did Hitler become Chancellor?
  • What was the impact of the Treaty of Versailles?
  • How did Hitler become a Dictator?
  • Is the ex-Nazi right when he described living in Nazi Germany as a paradise?
  • Why were less people heard criticising the Nazis in pubs post 1933?
  • Who is right about the extent of the Gestapo’s influence over Germany?
  • Rallies: How far was triumph of the will a documentary?
  • ‘The Nazis scared the population into obedience’ How far do you agree?
  • Opposition cocktail party: Why was opposition to the Nazis so weak between 1933-45?
  • To what extent was Henry Metlemann ‘s experience of growing up in Nazi Germany  a typical experience?  
  • How much can an internet questions forum tell us what Nazis wanted from women?
  • How prescient were the Social Democrats about workers in the Swastika state?
  • What really happened in November 1938?
  • Was the Holocaust inevitable? 
  • How far did the Nazis achieve their aims? 
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