History Resource Cupboard – lessons and resources for schools

History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

Dept Issues

Here we aim to offer our thoughts and advice on a variety of topics related to history teaching.

You will be able to download documents that will help by offering our thoughts and guidance on a particular teaching issue, help promote discussion amongst your colleagues, or assist you lead a department meeting.

We aim to cover a whole host of areas including: the thorny issues of progression and assessment, what makes for good interpretations and significance work, how to make history meaningful to your students.  A number of our successful inset sessions will be available to download.

  1. Teaching Historical Interpretations
  2. Using Historical Artefacts
  3. How to make History Meaningful
  4. Questioning
  5. Teaching Historical Significance
  6. Teaching Outstanding Primary History
  7. Ofsted history teaching and survey criteria
  8. Using tea to teach history
  9. What is good assessment practise at Key Stage 3?

We have also provided a list of useful websites where you can find more  teaching resources on the internet.

History Resource Cupboard


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